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Explosion-Proof Motors Offer Durability, Performance, Energy Efficiency

Siemens Industry Inc. offers the XP100 line of explosion-proof motors designed specifically for hazardous operating environments such as the petrochemical and chemical-processing, mining and grain--­­handling industries.

Available from stock with ratings from 1 hp through 300 hp and modifiable to specific customer needs, the XP100 motors combine durability, superior operating performance and energy efficiency into a single package, according to the company.

“Siemens has been manufacturing motors since 1860, and the product development of the XP100 took into account the vast extremes that are required from our end users, allowing our design team to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and government and industry certifications," said John Caroff of Siemens’ Drive Technologies Division.
The Siemens XP100 explosion-proof motor features a cast-iron frame and bearing housings that provide high structural strength. In addition to the use of all cast-iron construction, the XP100 features­ epoxy enamel paint, polycarbonate cooling fan, non-hygroscopic insulation, corrosion resistant hardware and stainless-steel nameplate to reduce the effects of industrial contaminants, moisture and extreme weather conditions.

Siemens Industry Inc.,