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Dry Sand Production Targets Efficiency

Washing is widely accepted to be the most efficient way of producing high-quality sand for use in a variety of applications ranging from use in concrete to applications such as golf course and silica sands. This is because of limitations with traditional dry screening processes, particularly the ability of these systems to effectively and consistently remove minus 75-micron material.

“Old sand-washing technology has a number of issues, not least the loss of significant quantities of quality fines to the settling ponds or water-treatment phase,” said Iain Walker, an overseas sales manager for CDE Global. “In an effort to ensure effective removal of the minus 75 micron fraction these inefficient systems take a lot of commercial quality sand with them which has a negative impact on the profitability of the operation.”
Just as the introduction of effective water-recycling systems was a response to unique climate considerations, CDE has introduced new air-classification technology.

“The introduction of our Sirocco air-classification system was a move inspired by the need to offer a solution to operators not able to consider a washing plant due to water-supply issues,” said Walker. “Even with full closed-circuit water recycling reducing the volume of fresh wash water required to around 5 percent of the total volume, some operators are simply not able to ensure supply of the volumes needed to operate a wash plant.”

An additional feature of the Sirocco system that has made it attractive to operators is the small amount of space required to accommodate the system. CDE offers the Sirocco as a stand-alone unit or as part of a turnkey package. The turnkey option includes a feed system, the Sirocco air-classification unit, two stockpile conveyors – one for the sand product and one for the fines – and a dust-suppression system.

The fines product from the Sirocco is not a waste material but has a number of applications including its use in the manufacture of ceramic tile adhesives and grouts. This provides additional revenue for operators from what many consider to be a waste material. The Sirocco system is available in a variety of configurations from 50 tph to 800 tph in a single unit.
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