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Diesel Fuel Tanks

The new Transcube XS line of containerized diesel fuel tanks provides an eco-friendly solution for heavy-duty, on-demand fuel supply. The CSC and UL 142 certified tanks are double-walled and offer a unique containment design to eliminate the risk of spills. There are two XS models available: the TCS200, a 20-ft. ISO High Cube container-format tank with a capacity of 7,000 gal. and the TCS400, a 40-ft. container with a capacity of 16,000 gal. Additionally, the TCS200 has forklift pockets on two sides to allow for simple handling and positioning. Each model has an inner fuel tank enclosed with an outer wall that provides 110-percent integral secondary containment. To prevent theft or tampering, lockable cabinet doors secure access to fuel and pumping equipment. Transcube XS tanks are offered with several pumps, fittings and other optional tools, including electric transfer pumps, supply and return connections, fuel hoses and quick couplers, hose reels, gauges and overfill alarms.  Transcube USA,