John Deere offers three new G-Series Excavators featuring IT4-certified engines, more power and cab improvements to increase visibility. The new series is a direct result of ongoing collaboration between customers and engineers, and includes the 250G, 290G and 350G, ranging from 191 hp to 299 net hp. The IT4-certified engines meet the latest emissions regulations and bid specifications without sacrificing power or performance. The result is 8 percent more productivity for customers. Additionally, to improve visibility in the cab, Deere redesigned the upper structure to include more glass and more lighting to improve sightlines. The G-Series also retains some key features from the previous D-Series, including the Powerwise III management system that perfectly balances engine and hydraulic performance. The balance ensures powerful digging force, precise, low-effort control and superb multi-function operation. Deere’s exclusive cooling system cools on demand and has an optional reversing fan to blow out debris. John Deere, www.deere.com