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Vocational Truck

Caterpillar launched the Cat CT660, the first model in a full line of Class 8 vocational trucks designed to work as aggregates haulers, transit mixers, dump trucks, refuse haulers and in any application requiring a heavy-duty truck. The CT660 engine options include the Cat CT11, CT13 and CT15 – with displacements of 11.1, 12.5 and 15.2 L – yielding optimum horsepower/torque combinations. The new engines are also designed for fast routine service by providing easy access to components from the valve cover to filters. The model’s aluminum-alloy cab provides longer life than conventional steel cabs and weighs approximately 250 lbs. less, allowing for larger payloads. Among a long list of safety features built into the CT660 are one- or optional two-piece windshields that are curved and sloped to offer an uncompromised view of the road. Additionally, the interior of the truck is designed to help reduce driver fatigue, enhance safety and increase productivity.