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Heavy-Duty Engine

Cummins Inc. announced that the QSX15 engine will meet near-zero emissions levels in 2014 with power output increased up to 675 hp (503 kW). The heavy-duty engine will meet EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emissions with an ultra-clean aftertreatment system combining the Cummins Particulate Filter with Selective Catalytic Reduction (CPF-SCR). The aftertreatment system is availabe in multiple configurations, including switchback, horizontal and vertical. The QSX11.9 engine, sharing the same technology and CPF-SCR system as the QSX15 engine, will also increase power output for Tier 4 Final with a new top rating of 525 hp (392 kW). At Tier 4 Interim 2011 emission levels, both engines are capable of achieving up to 5 percent improved fuel efficiency compared to Tier 3, depending on duty cyle and machine optimization. Fuel efficiency will be further increased for Tier 4 Final 2014 by an additional 3 - 4 percent. Furthermore, compared to Tier 3 emissions levels, there will be a 90 percent reduction of both particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) for Tier 4 Final 2014.