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Custom Trailers

Talbert Manufacturing offers two newly custom trailer models, the Talbert 55-ton Raised Center trailer with the new Equalizer; and the Talbert 55-ton Roller Paver trailer with a multi-positional, adjustable (ratchet-style ) gooseneck. The Talbert 55-ton Raised Center trailer features a non-ground-bearing gooseneck; a raised 26-ft. center deck, which allows a 15-½-in. loaded deck side height to accommodate various transport height regulations; and an advantage in load capacity over comparable models with a rating of 110,000-lb. capacity in a 13-ft. load base.

Equipped with The Equalizer – a nitrogen-assisted dampening system that effectively balances loads in all terrains – operators can make easy and quick adjustments, and maintain those settings to maximize loads safely and efficiently. The Talbert 55-ton Roller Paver trailer features an adjustable, self-contained gooseneck utilizing a ratchet-style design to provide additional ride-height settings. This feature allows the operator to make adjustments to the gooseneck ride-height by using a lever located on the driver’s side of the trailer. Additionally, the unit is engineered with a lighter-weight, tapered-deck design for ease of loading and unloading.