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Belt Tracking - Flexco

Flexco introduces the PT Smart Belt Trainer, developed to further enhance its line of belt-tracking products. The PT Smart will join the Belt Positioner and the innovative heavy-duty PT Max Belt Trainer as an option for “medium-duty” tensioned belts. The economical and versatile PT Smart works with both mechanical and vulcanized belts, is made of durable materials, and is easy-to-install.  The PT Smart Belt Trainer adopts the same characteristics of the PT Max, including the patented Flexco “pivot and tilt” design. With pivot and tilt technology, the PT Smart applies greater belt tracking discipline than conventional pivot-only belt-steering devices, correcting even the most stubborn tracking problems on medium-tension belts. A fully-enclosed, stainless steel pivot bearing is found downstream from the roller, creating an almost immediate tracking result. The bearing requires no lubrication and is guaranteed not to seize.