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Belt-Drive System - Baldor Electric

Baldor Electric Co., offers a new synchronous belt-drive system utilizing Dodge HTR and HTRC Tracker belts. The belts have a Reinforced Parabolic Profile (RPP) tooth design allowing the belt teeth to sit deeper in the sprocket compared to standard belts.  Combining these belts with Dodge Taper-Lock sprockets yields the most power dense rubber synchronous drive system in industry, the company said. The unique angle of the RPP Tracker belts allows synchronous transmission of power, eliminating slippage and speed variation on high-torque applications. TapeLock sprockets are machined to the highest quality standards, ensuring a perfect match between the sprocket and belt.  By maximizing performance of both the belt and the sprocket, the new synchronous drive system delivers 5 percent more energy efficiency over properly maintained V-belt systems.