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Camera ID

Libra Systems has released the innovative Camera ID, which eliminates the delays and costs of paper signatures and provides proof-of-purchase for quick, full-proof resolution of billing disputes. In-yard times and processing costs are reduced because there is no longer a need for a driver’s signature.

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Acoustic Cleaner

The Martin Sonic Horn is an acoustic cleaner that reduces system downtime, maintenance and operating costs, while improving performance and prolonging equipment life. There are two models of the sonic horn available.

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Gear Drives

The Falk V-Class, Rexnord’s new line of gear drives, incorporates the latest advances in materials technology, engineering design and manufacturing processes to produce a tough, reliable gearbox. The heavy-duty, horizontally split-housing design incorporates advanced gearing, optimized through the latest materials and technologies, to provide maximum performance under load.

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Tradesman Knives

The 229 T Tradesman’s Pocket Knife from R. Murphy Knives, Ayer, Mass., has a spear blade and a screwdriver with an insulation scraper. The nickel brass lock keeps the screwdriver from closing when in use.

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Automated Slump Management

Verifi LLC has launched the Verifi Disperse, a new system that enhances and extends the Verifi Process Control System, by automatically adding not only water, but also dispersants to the concrete mix, while in transit. The automated slump management ensures that concrete will always arrive at the job site within the target slump rate.

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