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USGS predicts third-quarter results

The U.S. Geological Survey issued predictive results for third-quarter
domestic production of construction materials (crushed stone, sand and gravel, and cement). Actual third-quarter results will be released next month.

In the third quarter of 2010, domestic production for construction materials is predicted to increase moderately compared to the second quarter of 2010. Crushed stone should increase by one percent, while sand and gravel should jump 13 percent. Cement production is also predicted to rise, increasing 4 percent over the previous quarter.

When compared to the third quarter of 2009, crushed stone production is predicted to be down three percent, while sand and gravel should register a 2 percent drop. Cement production is predicted to decrease 1 percent when compared to the third quarter of 2010.

Potential decreases in production for some mineral commodities in the first three quarters of 2010 compared with production in the same period of 2009 may be attributed to decreases in construction spending, which declined 11 percent year-to-date through September compared with the same period in 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. However, the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reported that privately owned housing starts for the year to date through September 2010 were 9 percent above those for the same period of 2009.

Source: USGS