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Commercial Construction Economic Summit In Pa.

The current state of the economy has greatly impacted the construction and design. Industry executives point to the unwillingness of lenders to finance new projects

The current state of the economy has greatly impacted construction and design, as lenders are unwilling to finance new projects, industry executives point out. Banks are feeling political pressure to lend in order to stimulate the economy, yet federal bank regulators continue to restrict the capacity of banks to do so.

On Oct. 21, Mid Atlantic BX, a commercial construction trade organization, will host the 2010 summit and industry panelist discussion "Project Financing: The Effects of The Current Economic Climate." The summit will focus on current project funding options, the impact of state and federal stimulus programs, project financing risks, and the future outlook for construction financing.

"Mid Atlantic BX has assembled a diverse group of high-level panelists to examine the current marketplace and provide insight into current and future market forecasts, the economy and how to succeed in the current marketplace," says Pete Gum, Mid Atlantic BX CEO. Summit panelists collectively share a vast knowledge of the construction industry, as well as public and private construction project financing. Keynote speakers and panelists will focus on the current state of the economy and its effects on construction project financing, as they provide market-driven solutions to jump-start the industry.

Keynote speakers will include Allen D. Beihler, Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation and Michael Rossman, Director of the Governor's Action Team. Summit panelists range from government officials to bank executives, commercial construction industry consultants and economic development specialists. For additional information and to register for the 2010 summit visit and look under Calendar of Events.