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Study: Drywall Demand To Grow 8.4%

The Freedonia Group is forecasting that global demand for drywall will grow 8.4% per year through 2014 to 10.7 billion square meters, a significant improvement over the 2004-2009 rate of growth

The Freedonia Group predicts that global drywall demand will increase 8.4% per year through 2014--a significant improvement over the 2004-2009 growth rate--to 10.7 billion square meters. Over four-fifths of all new product demand during that period will be generated within the United States and the Asia/Pacific region.

Drywall sales in the United States are predicted to grow 12.4% annually through 2014 as the housing market recovers. The drywall market in the Asia/Pacific region will record the second-fastest growth rate through 2014, after North America. Multiple Asian countries, including China, India, Thailand and South Korea, are expected to post large gains. China alone will account for over one-third of all new global drywall demand between 2009 and 2014.

The Africa/Mideast region, Eastern Europe, and Central and South America are also projected to see significant advances in drywall sales, spurred by healthy building construction gains. Turkey, Russia and Brazil will experience particularly rapid growth, as local construction firms increase their use of drywall in building applications. Drywall markets in more developed parts of the world--Australia, Canada, Japan and Western Europe--will generally expand at a slower pace through 2014 than their industrializing counterparts. Nonetheless, several of the former are expected to experience impressive drywall demand growth (starting from a low 2009 base), including South Korea, the United Kingdom and Spain.

The largest drywall manufacturing countries are the United States, China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and France, each of which had 2009 drywall shipments of more than 250 million square meters.

Global demand for gypsum-based building plaster is projected to advance 5.3% per annum to 36.9 million metric tons in 2014. The building plaster market will experience somewhat slower growth through 2014 than the drywall market, as construction firms in many countries adopt drywall-based techniques due to rising labor costs. At the global level, demand for drywall is nearly two and one-half times greater (on a weight basis) than that for gypsum-based building plaster.