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MSHA Announces Powered Haulage Fatality

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) reported that on July 29, a miner at a sand and gravel operation in Wright, Mo., was injured when his arm became entangled in a stacker conveyor belt. The victim was airlifted to a trauma center where he passed away a week later.

This is the 12th fatality reported in 2020, and the second classified as “Powered Haulage.” 

An incident on February 10, originally listed as a fatality, has since been delisted, so the July 29 fatality is now accurately listed as the 12th this year, according to Laura K. McGinnis, Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of Labor.

MSHA recommends the following best practices to avoid this type of accident:

  • Turn off, lock out power sources and block against motion before removing or bypassing a guard or other safety device to clean, repair, perform maintenance or clear a blockage on a belt conveyor.
  • Never clean pulleys or idlers manually while belt conveyors are operating.
  • Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing and keep tools, body parts and long hair away from moving belt conveyor components.
  • Train all personnel in safe work procedures.
  • Properly guard moving machine parts to protect persons from contact that could cause injury.