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Pioneer Adds Four Quarries to Its Operational Footprint

Pioneer Landscape Centers, which has been serving residential and commercial customers in the western United States since 1968, added four new quarries to its operations, allowing the company to increase production and enter into a new product sector supporting a range of large industrial customers in the concrete, asphalt and road base markets.

“We’re excited to have significantly expanded our quarry operations with these four new Pioneer facilities, giving us the flexibility to increase production as we grow share across our core markets,” said CEO Mark Adamson. “The new production locations allow us to provide our customers with a greater range of on-trend decorative rock and boulder options, such as Arizona Brown, Brecken Gold and Brecken Blue.”

The new quarries include three in Arizona and one in Colorado, bringing the number of quarries and production facilities being operated by Pioneer to 20.

Pioneer said it is one of the leading landscape and hardscape materials suppliers in the country, and sets itself apart from competitors by sourcing the majority of its materials through its own quarries and production facilities. Pioneer has 35 retail distribution facilities and 20 company-owned and operated quarries and production facilities in Colorado and Arizona.