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Associations Send COVID-19 Letter to Political Leaders

The National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) was one of a number of associations that signed onto a letter addressed to President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The letter starts:

As America confronts COVID-19, it is critical that any fiscal and economic response to help businesses survive the crisis match the scale and intensity of the steps being taken to end the pandemic.

Schools, workplaces, and entire industries have been closed in an effort to slow the spread of the disease. These steps are unprecedented, as is the speed and severity of the economic collapse they have precipitated. The operations of millions of businesses are threatened, together with the jobs of the millions of workers they employ.

Individually and family-owned companies operate on their cash flow, and that cash flow has been severely disrupted in the past week – their costs are up and their revenue flows are down, if not shut off completely. The public response to the pandemic should be over in a few months, but the negative effects of lost jobs and closed businesses will be with us for much longer.

To read the entire letter, and to view the list of associations that signed it along with NSSGA, go here.