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Martin Marietta Acquires Control of Rock & Rail

On Oct. 9, Martin Marietta Materials Inc. filed a verified notice of exemption to acquire control of Rock & Rail Inc. (RRI), a Class III railroad. On Oct. 23, notice of the exemption was served and published in the Federal Register. The exemption became effective Nov. 8.

On Nov. 4, 2015, Martin Marietta filed a letter with the board advising that the notice requires clarification. According to Martin Marietta, RRI also owns and operates rail lines in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Martin Marietta stated that all of the rail lines owned and operated by RRI are in Colorado and do not connect, nor are there plans to connect, with the railroads controlled by Martin Marietta.

Martin Marietta also clarified that the correct legal name of RRI is “Rock & Rail LLC.”