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Exclusive: McLanahan Addresses Eagle Iron Works Acquisition

As reported in last week’s Breaking Rock News, McLanahan Corp. acquired Eagle Iron Works, a well-known industry name with a worldwide reputation. Eagle Iron Works has been serving the construction materials and aggregate industries since 1872. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Eagle Iron Works provides a line of washing and beneficiating equipment including sand classifying tanks, log washers and screw washers.

McLanahan Corp. Executive Vice President, CAO and Corporate Secretary Sean McLanahan spoke to Rock Products about the acquisition:

“We are excited to welcome Eagle Iron Works to the McLanahan family and believe that this great, classic line of processing equipment and talented people enhances our ability to serve the construction and aggregate markets,” he said. “We are going to maintain full support of the current product lines and availability to after-market parts while enhancing opportunities between the two companies. McLanahan continues to grow globally and this will enhance our position in an ever changing market place.”

RP: What intrigued you about Eagle Iron Works, other than the fact that they have been around almost as long as you? Why are they a good fit in the McLanahan Family?

Although offering a similar equipment line, Eagle Iron Works serves a customer base that has previously been untapped by McLanahan Corp. With the acquisition, the company will be able to continue to serve them and hopefully enhance their customer experience. EIW, LLC will be providing valuable parts service to longstanding customers, as well as continuing its long-standing relationships in the market. McLanahan believes that Eagle Iron Works’ reputation of producing long-lasting, quality equipment is similar to the reputation that McLanahan has built in the marketplace making them a good fit for the family of companies.

RP: It has been reported that Eagle laid off workers and ramped down production last fall in the wake of its well-known family battles and damage from flooding. Do you plan to increase production and add employees to re-establish the brand in the marketplace?

Current plans are to outsource production and continue to serve customers through a coordinated system of reps and dealers. Management will continue to evaluate the situation as they become more familiar with the needs of the company and its customer base.

RP: Who is the new management team for EIW, and what are their positions?

Although under McLanahan’s current executive management team, John Ware will be serving as general manager of Eagle Iron Works.

RP: How will their products be sold, manufacturer-direct or through a dealer network?

Dealer network, although customers are always welcome to contact Eagle Iron Works directly for questions about products and services.

RP: Will you have a joint presence at AGG1 this year?

Not this year. In the future this will be taken into consideration. For AGG1 2013, McLanahan wanted to ensure that there was no confusion for those interested in Eagle Iron Works products as to where they could go to learn more.