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Hanson Recognized for “Excellence in Reclamation”

The California Department of Conservation and the State Mining & Geology Board awarded Hanson Aggregates Pacific Southwest, Inc. with the state’s annual Excellence in Reclamation Award.

The award, given for distinction in the implementation of mine reclamation in California, recognizes the company’s 104-acre Quarry Creek mine site in San Diego County. The facility provided important construction materials for Carlsbad and Oceanside since the late 1960s.

Key features of the reclamation plan include:

  • Retaining the natural alignment of Buena Vista Creek.
  • Enhancing the wetland and riparian habitats.
  • Working with multiple stakeholders.
  • Streamlining storm water controls.
  • Creating access to El Salto Falls, a sacred site to local Native Americans.

“Finalizing a reclamation plan requires hard work and persistence to address the needs of the many and varied stakeholders involved in the approval process,” said Oceanside City Engineer Scott Smith. “Hanson's reclamation plan deserves all the accolades it has received, and I look forward to seeing Quarry Creek reclaimed for future generations.”

The overall plan impressed a number of key officials who recognize the critical importance of thoughtful mining to the environment.

“Mining is important to our economy and way of life,” Department of Conservation Director Mark Nechodom said. “Reclamation helps to maintain water and air quality, and minimizes flooding, erosion and damage to wildlife and aquatic habitats.”

Hanson worked with top biologists to determine the best place to plant trees and shrubs, and to identify native plant species that will re-establish lush and vibrant plant life.

“This example of a successful multi-use reclamation project involved the participation of a variety of stakeholders, including federal, state, and local government agencies, environmental groups, Native Americans, and concerned citizens,” noted James Pompy, head of the Office of Mine Reclamation (OMR).

Marvin E. Howell, director of land use planning at Hanson, also noted the importance of collaboration across many groups as the key component for the mine’s successful reclamation.

“Sustainability and environmental stewardship are a priority at Hanson, and we are very proud of what we have achieved by working closely with our neighbors and other stakeholders on this project,” said Howell. “We want to thank the Department of Conservation and State Mining and Geology Board for this award. We are grateful for this recognition and their thoughtful input, which helped to make this a project we can all take pride in.”