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MSHA Reinforces Best Practices for Tire Maintenance

MSHA is reporting that three workers were seriously injured this year when a front-end loader tire ruptured while being inflated. The tire was being inflated in a shop and a safety cage was not used for protection.

The agency is reinforcing best practices for tire inflation and maintenance:


  • Visually inspect tires and rims before placing mobile equipment in service.
  • Check tires and rims prior to mounting for damage/defects. Replace severely rusted rims.
  • Properly support and block equipment and large wheels to prevent movement.
  • Check for loose clamps or nuts that can cause rim slippage or separation of components.
  • Maintain recommended tire pressure in accordance with manufacturer instructions.
  • Inflate tires in a safety cage or use a stand-off device and deflate tires prior to dismounting.


  • Inflate a tire without inspecting the complete tire and rim assembly for unsafe conditions.
  • Mismatch wheel and rim components.
  • Apply heat to any rim/hub assembly that has an inflated or deflated tire mounted on it.
  • Exceed the load rating for tires.
  • Inflate a tire while standing in front of the wheel assembly.
  • Operate equipment with less than minimum safe inflation PSI in the tires.
  • Perform repairs inside large tires without proper ventilation.