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New Patuxent Materials Trucks Help Company Comply with Maryland Regs

The state of Maryland has introduced a number of laws and regulations designed to reduce vehicle emissions and protect the environment. Patuxent Materials, Crofton, Md., has addressed these new laws and regulations by improving its truck fleet.

“We’ve made a commitment not just to staying in compliance, but to maintaining a modern and efficient vehicle fleet. To this end, we were excited to take delivery of a new fleet of 15 Peterbilt model 388 trucks,” said company President Skip Gardiner.

The 388 is Peterbilt’s traditional model for regional and heavy hauling applications, updated to meet 2010 EPA emissions certification requirements and including a variety of features that enhance safety while mitigating the impact on the environment, according to the company.

The 388’s new headlight assembly improves night visibility more than 200 percent while increasing bulb life by 600 percent and improving overall aerodynamics. The huck-bolted cab and hood reduce curb weight by up to 700 lb., and the model requires, on average, 22 percent fewer labor hours per year to maintain.

“What does all this mean to our customers?” Gardiner asked. “Enhanced safety features, reduced curb weight, lower maintenance costs and increased aerodynamics all translate into lower overall costs for us to operate and maintain the trucks and we pass these savings on to our customers. The fact that our new trucks are less harmful to the environment is ultimately good for all of us.”