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Atlas Copco Introduces Minetruck MT42 to U.S. Market

Atlas Copco’s next-generation underground truck, the Minetruck MT42 was introduced to the U.S. market after a limited release in Scandinavia and Canada last year. The MT42 is a high-speed, four-wheel-drive articulated truck with a 42-metric-ton tramming capacity, designed for work in the demanding conditions of underground mines and tunneling projects.

The Minetruck MT42 has eight forward and two reverse gears, and is powered by a fuel-efficient, low-emission Cummins QSX15 520 horsepower EPA Tier 3/Stage IIIA engine that delivers a higher speed on ramps. Front axle suspension contributes to operator comfort and enables greater speeds on mine roadways.

The MT42’s articulated steering increases maneuverability and allows agile cornering, while the dump system can discharge a full load in just 13 seconds. The operator has a better view thanks to a backup camera, and a loading camera mounted on the back of the cabin.

The truck’s brakes are spring applied, hydraulic released (SAHR) and are the safest in the industry, according to the company. SAHR brakes eliminate the need for a separate parking brake, are low maintenance and provide extended service life. A service bay on the side of the truck allows easy access to filters, valve blocks and service points for daily maintenance and the cabin can be hydraulically tilted to expose the engine bay.

Cementation USA, a globally recognized underground contractor, purchased the first MT42 in the United States. Clay Gremel, area sales manager for Atlas Copco, said, “They liked the fact that this is truly a next-generation truck, with new technology that really matters and directly contributes to safety and productivity.”