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BoDean Co. Honored at Solar Leader’s Circle Event

Santa Rosa, Calif.-based BoDean Co. was honored with the Bay Area Helios Award at the Solar Leader’s Circle Awards Ceremony for Sustainable Business Practices. The event was held by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Solar Sonoma County at Paradise Ridge Winery to celebrate the energy efficiency, solar and carbon offset of the top 10 new commercial solar installations by PG&E customers in the North Bay.

BoDean Co.’s Mark West Quarry photovoltaic system, which became active in May of this year, made it the first solar-powered quarry in the world. The solar installation is capable of generating 1.1 million kilowatt hours per year. The quarry was profiled in the July edition of Rock Products.

Incorporated in 1989, BoDean Co. is a chief supplier of quality crushed rock and asphaltic concrete to Sonoma County and northern Napa County. Owners Belinda and Dean Soiland have made BoDean Co. an industry leader in sustainability, which includes their introduction of eco-friendly mining operations along with their commitment to become the world’s first 100 percent solar-powered quarry.

In addition, BoDean Co. is dedicated to the extensive use of recycled materials in their production process, while pursuing a managed reclamation plan that coincides with quarry operations.