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NSSGA Launches 100-Day Action Plan for Reauthorization

The National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) has launched a "100-Day Action Plan for Reauthorization" to keep the pressure on legislators to “act responsibly for America and pass a surface-transportation reauthorization bill by Sept. 30.” Although legislation to reauthorize the nation’s surface transportation law is not expected to be introduced until later in June and NSSGA does not yet know the specifics of the legislation, there are several action items it said the aggregates industry can undertake in the meantime.

Over the next 100 days culminating in early September, NSSGA plans a number of activities that companies can engage in to advance the cause of reauthorization. Hundreds of people have already participated in the TCC Fly-In and the "Rally for Roads" that were held in late May.

An ongoing part of the action plan is NSSGA’s "One-to-Five" initiative, which asks producers to contact five heads of businesses and organizations from outside the construction industry to educate them and seek to bring them aboard as infrastructure advocates.

Two hundred NSSGA company leaders contacting just five heads of non-construction-related businesses – large, medium and small – and local government leaders, engaging them to build support for a multi-year, well-functioning highway bill, can bring 1,000 non-construction business leaders to the congressional table to participate in this issue, according to the association.

This August, "Driving It Home – 2011" will give producers the opportunity to encourage members of Congress to act on reauthorization, putting human faces on the reauthorization debate.

“With your help, we can ensure Congress understands that solving our transportation funding challenges is essential to our long-term economic growth, prosperity and global competitiveness. Congressional inaction on the surface transportation bill is leaving our roads and bridges woefully underfunded, undermining plans to address commuter and shipping bottlenecks, forcing even more construction layoffs and threatening our ability to compete against foreign economic rivals like China and India,” NSSGA said.

Several more activities are planned, including an Op-Ed/Letter to the Editor week, a local talk radio call-in week and perhaps a fall Fly-In to cap off the 100 Day Plan and make the final push for reauthorization this year before the extension expires on Sept. 30. Of course, regular action alerts and testimony will be offered as necessitated.