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NSSGA Tightens Internal Organization For Focus and Efficiency

The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) continues to tighten its internal organization for focus and efficiency.  Federal regulations, federal legislation and judicial process are now coordinated in one functional department to help enhance the unified voice that is critical to grassroots efforts and association coalitions.

Pam Whitted was promoted from vice president for Government Affairs to senior vice president for Legislative and Regulatory Affairs and will oversee the Government Affairs Division and Environmental, Safety & Health Division.


Tim Reagan, promoted to senior vice president for Member Services, will be responsible for the AGG1 tradeshow and the AGG1 Academy; the Operations, Education, Marketing and Communications Division; the M&S Division and Membership Development; the association’s newsletter and magazine; and the oversight of the OEC Knowledge Center, a new digital platform designed to bring individuals and groups together for project planning, education and networking.