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Flexco Will Continue Mobile Showroom Program

Flexco will continue its Mobile Showroom Program in 2011, according to the company. The Mobile Showroom Program currently consists of four trailers that are touring North America showcasing the full line of belt conveyor products from Flexco.

Each Mobile Showroom contains a wide range of products, from mechanical fasteners for belt splicing, to cleaners that reduce carryback and remove debris from belts, to various maintenance products such as belt trainers and lifters. Each product in the Mobile Showroom is mounted to a wall and can be taken down for customers to inspect its size, shape, and features.
The Mobile Showrooms are transported and operated by local Flexco territory sales managers, giving customers the opportunity for hands-on demonstrations and question and answer sessions.

“This is a unique opportunity in which we can bring the product straight to the people who are using it every day,” said Rich Gilman, global service program manager for Flexco. “Each Mobile Showroom offers a hands-on experience that you just can’t get from a brochure.”
The Mobile Showrooms also allow conveyor personnel that work with the products every day, but may not be involved in purchasing, the chance to evaluate the equipment and help choose the right products for the job. These experiences often lead to discussions on product changes that improve the overall productivity of facility operations.
“We enjoy getting feedback from the customers on what would make their Flexco experience better,” Gilman said. “And the trailers are a one-on-one way to give them the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas directly with their local territory sales managers.”
Because of the popularity of the program, Flexco has plans to add more Mobile Showrooms to the fleet in 2011.

To learn more about the program or to find out where the Mobile Showrooms will be next, log on to  or contact your local territory sales manager.