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New Tool For Pattern Of Violations Monitoring

Predictive Compliance, the MSHA citation-management and compliance analytics-software system, has developed a “one-click” tool enabling operators with more than one mine to quickly identify and monitor their MSHA Pattern of Violations (POV) status.

Without the new Predictive Compliance one-click tool, an operator would have to look up each mine individually on MSHA’s website to determine their POV status – a time-consuming and costly step.  Moreover, MSHA’s website data is based on a “latest 12-month cycle,” which can be misleading as it may not reflect the applicable date-range over which MSHA’s POV data are measured.

Predictive Compliance’s new tool reduces the risk for such errors because it can easily adjust the date range searched and will reflect more up-to-date, accurate data for analysis.

This new capability was developed to help operators address the recent MSHA change in the POV rule that places increasing responsibility on operators to monitor their own compliance.

Under the old rule, operators were issued a warning called a Potential Pattern of Violations (PPOV) notice and given a chance to correct errors in MSHA’s data and implement corrective action plans before being placed in POV status.

The new MSHA rule eliminates this PPOV warning. Now, operators are expected to monitor their own status and proactively identify errors in MSHA’s data and, if necessary, implement action plans on their own.

Predictive Compliance’s one-click tool provides operators the ability to identify and monitor the POV status of all of their sites on a single screen in real time in an easy to use format.

Using Predictive Compliance’s new tool can help operators avoid MSHA’s most serious sanctions. Unless operators are keeping very careful track of every mine site and citation over time, they can get stuck in a POV status that is very difficult to get out of where every “Significant and Substantial” (S&S) citation becomes a closure order and operators cannot escape it unless they go through an entire inspection without an S&S citation.

The development of this new one-click tool of POV monitoring increases Predictive Compliance’s ability to help the mining industry realize true risk mitigation and implement measures to avoid such risk in the future.

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