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Eriez Accomplishes 1,000 Days without a Lost-Time Accident

Eriez announced  that May 19, 2011, marked 1,000 days that Eriez Headquarters employees have worked without a lost time accident. “This milestone achievement distinctly demonstrates the personal accountability our employees take when it comes to safety,” said Tim Shuttleworth, Eriez president and CEO.

The Erie plant’s previous record for days worked without a lost-time accident was 259. “We credit our improved safety record to increased employee awareness,” said Shuttleworth. “We have made a number of changes to better integrate safety into every aspect of our day-to-day operations.”

Recent modifications at Eriez included the revamping of its new employee safety orientation to emphasize safety, increased safety training for all employees and the incorporation of safety into the company’s health and wellness program. “Our goal is to really engage employees,” says Shuttleworth. “We now present safety updates at our company meetings and mounted a large sign that clearly displays the number of days our plant has worked without a lost time accident.”

Shuttleworth points out that in addition to educating employees about the hazards of working with powerful magnetic equipment, the company has also developed educational initiatives for customers and industry suppliers.

"We believe awareness is the first step in any safety training program,” said Shuttleworth. “We help alert customers to potential hazards in their work environment by placing ‘strong magnet’ warning labels on or next to the area where the magnet is installed.”  Shuttleworth notes that magnets already have warning labels affixed to them when they arrive from Eriez, but the company can send extra warning labels upon request.

"To avoid magnet injuries, customers must make sure their employees know the risks involved with each piece of magnetic equipment and have a basic understanding of how magnets work,” said Shuttleworth. “Moreover, they should develop and enforce proper procedures for working around them.”