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Kansas Quarry Asks for Changes

According to the Lawrence Journal-World, Douglas County, Kan., commissioners said that a proposed change in the sequence of mining at the Big Springs Quarry near Lecompton, Kan., needs to have a full review and public hearing at the city-county planning commission before it can be approved.

That decision came even though officials with Mid-States Materials, the company that now owns the quarry straddling both sides of the Douglas-Shawnee county line, said it was unnecessary because there was nothing in the original permit that required them to adhere to any particular schedule.

John Hutton, an attorney for Mid-States, said the permit issued in 1990 called for the property to be mined in phases. And it divided the Douglas County portion of the property into sections, numbered 1 through 6 in Roman numerals. But he said those numbers did not indicate that the mining would take place in any particular order.

But neighboring property owners disagreed, saying that when they purchased their property, they clearly understood that the mining would take place in the order specified.

Best wanted the county to force Mid-States to adhere to the original plan, which would mean it would take several more years before the quarry

operation moved anywhere near them.

Commissioner Jim Flory agreed with Mid-States. But Flory was outvoted 2-1 by Commissioners Mike Gaughan and Nancy Thellman, who said the request needed a more thorough review.