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Illinois Quarry Seeks Permit

A public hearing before the Missouri Land Reclamation Commission must be held on behalf of a local high school and community group that oppose a limestone mining permit held by Heartland Materials LLC, ruled the Western District Missouri Court of Appeals. Saxony Lutheran High School and Save Our Children’s Health Inc. [SOCH] expressed opposition when Heartland was granted a permit based on an October 2010, application to mine limestone on its 161-acre quarry, which is adjacent to school grounds, according to the Southeast Missourian.

The court’s decision stated the school and SOCH have standing to demand a hearing on the permit, which had been denied by the commission. Standing in this case means the school and community members had to provide “good-faith evidence of how their health, safety, or livelihood will be unduly impaired by the issuance of the permit,” according to the decision text.