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Vulcan Quarry Opposed

More than 50 people showed up to a Gurley, Ala., town hall meeting to voice their opposition to a quarry opening on Hurricane Creek, close to the town, according to WAAY-TV. Vulcan Materials wants to open a quarry on the west side of Gurley Mountain and some in the community are opposed.

The city was previously successful in keeping M&N Materials from locating on the east side of Gurley Mountain by annexing the property. M&N Materials sued the city and won a $5 million dollar settlement but a judge has stayed that judgment.

The new quarry would face the McMullen Cove and Hampton Cove communities on the other side of the mountain but residents of Gurley say it will still affect them. Many residents argue that the dust would aggravate the asthma of many students at Madison County High School who have been diagnosed with the respiratory problem. Another issue is the potential damage to the Flint River.