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Martin Marietta Withdraws Application

Martin Marietta Materials Inc. withdrew its permit application for a quarry in Onslow County, N.C., according to a report in The Daily News, Jacksonville, N.C. The move came after the company presented an amended plan following its initial bid for a special-use permit. The plan for a 1,831-acre limestone operation – which was to have three phases with the first phase taking 40 years to mine – generated community opposition.

Geologists disagreed whether the quarry would cause sinkholes in surrounding areas, and state and local environmental representatives questioned the effect the mine would have on nearby wetlands animals and plants including the Venus fly-trap. The new proposal called for thicker buffers around the quarry; restrictions on blasting hours and procedures; agreement to repair any damage done to local wells and ponds; and a study to predict the mine’s impact on groundwater. Martin Marietta can resubmit its permit application in the future if it chooses.