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Bremer Quarry Receives Approval

The Bremer Quarry, Lake City, Minn., received a conditional-use permit to continue operating for decades; however the Wabasha County, Minn., Board, which approved the permit in a 14-0 vote, might face a lawsuit as a result. The permit, according to a report in the Post-Bulletin, Rochester, Minn. – which sets out details such as times to blast or crush rock and how to reclaim the land – became entangled in legal issues when it was learned that a joint county-city planning group might actually have the final say in the permit.

The quarry hasn't had a permit for many years because about 10 years ago, the county took over zoning and the quarry thought it was grandfathered in, according to the report. Assistant County Attorney Michael Plante told the media it was his opinion the joint planning board, not the county board, has the power to approve any permit. He said the county board could deny the permit because it didn't have jurisdiction or it could approve it and face a lawsuit.