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The Franklin-Simpson, Ky., Zoning Boa

The Franklin-Simpson, Ky., Zoning Board of Adjustment voted 3-2 to issue a conditional-use permit allowing the construction of a quarry to be operated by a division of Charles Deweese Construction of Franklin, Ky. According to a report in The Daily News, Bowling Green, Ky., the board added conditions requiring traffic from the quarry to only exit toward Ky. 1008, the construction of earthen berms at least 15-ft. tall and restricted operating hours.

The rock and lime quarry – to be built on 87.68 acres on Ditmore Ford Road in an area that had been zoned for agriculture – became a lightning rod for controversy after several neighbors raising concerns about traffic safety, noise, air pollution, possible environmental problems and the potential decline of property values. A group formed Neighbors Against the Quarry, which gathered 531 signatures on a petition opposing construction. The group’s concerns included the possibility that blasting would damage the bedrock comprising underground water tunnels, altering the flow of water and possibly subjecting the water to contamination.