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Raleigh Quarry Gets New Opposition

A plan developed by Martin Marietta Materials to alter its quarry operation in Raleigh, N.C., has more of its neighbors concerned. The company has proposed to shift a road to the north and expand its quarry by almost 20 acres into land it already owns, according to local media. Neighbors living near the quarry say the plans infringe on their property and fear that if the company expands, blasts from the quarry will increase in proximity and frequency.

Several residents have said they fear their homes’ foundations are at risk each time the quarry blasts. Vice President of Environmental Services and Natural Resources Paxton Badham countered that the blasting has occurred less frequently lately because business has slowed.

However, the company’s plans to expand have not slowed down. When asked why the company needs to expand, if business is slow, Badham said the expansion plans are long-term and the company expects to be there for many years. Another round of hearings on the expansion are planned.