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New Illinois Quarry Would Use Barge Load-out

Illinois Sand Co., a subsidiary of Illinois Cement in La Salle, Ill., which is owned by Texas-based Eagle Materials, wants to set up a quarry and mining operation two miles east of downtown Utica, Ill., on 562 acres.

The company is requesting the property be annexed to Utica and is asking for zoning changes. Some of the land in question is already used for mining, with the rest used for farming. The company said a berm would be built as a buffer, with trucks to use U.S. 6 East, to a newly leased barge-loading facility along the Illinois River, just west of Ottawa.
In documents given to Utica officials, the company said operations would cause “minimal impact on surrounding residences and farms” and would have no “adverse impact” on Utica.

The company is predicting the quarry would directly employ 70 people and indirectly lead to another 160 jobs.
The company recently bought 267 acres for the planned quarry, paying $5.2 million.
Local media reports a number of people have voiced opposition to the proposed operation.