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Town Owes $5 Million for Opposing Quarry

According to local media sources, a Madison County, Ala., judge has given the town of Gurley at least a temporary reprieve from having to pay nearly $5 million it owes after losing a court case in February. M&N Materials won a $2.75 million verdict, plus 6 percent interest, against Gurley over the town's efforts to block the company from building a rock quarry on a 269-acre site in the small community.

The interest owed is more than $1 million, according to court records. The company is owned by developers Brian McCord and Brian Nelson. M&N's lawyers also are entitled to attorneys fees of $1.1 million, Circuit Judge Karen Hall ruled earlier this month. But last week Hall granted the town's request to stop M&N from collecting on the judgment and agreed to hold a hearing Oct. 13 on Gurley's arguments that the jury's verdict should be overturned or a new trial granted.

The jury found that Gurley's actions to block the quarry effectively condemned M&N's property. Gurley contends that Alabama law does not recognize the “regulatory taking,” which was the basis of M&N's claims.