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City Has Spent $784,000 on Liberty Quarry Fight

Temecula, Calif.'s fight against Granite Construction’s Liberty Quarry and a related city effort to annex 4,500 acres has cost city taxpayers roughly $784,000, according to local media sources. While opponents of the quarry defend the spending, quarry supporters call it a waste of public money.

The price tag is likely to grow as the quarry makes its way through Riverside County's approval process. The county Planning Commission will soon hold its fifth public hearing on the quarry. The Board of Supervisors will ultimately decide the quarry's fate.

Granite Construction wants to build Liberty Quarry on a 414-acre site between Temecula and San Diego County. Over 75 years, Granite expects to make asphalt and concrete at the site and use explosives to extract 270 million tons of aggregate from the open-pit quarry.

Supporters say the quarry would support quality jobs, solve a looming crisis in aggregate supplies and improve air quality by taking diesel trucks off the road. Critics argue the quarry will worsen truck traffic, pollute the air and damage the local economy and a neighboring ecological reserve.