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Judge Rules for Vulcan on Azusa

A Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge said that attorneys for the City of Duarte failed to prove their case to block a rock mining operation in the neighboring city of Azusa from moving closer to the city, according to the San Gabriel Valley Business Journal.

The judge ruled against Duarte’s claims that an environmental impact report on the project was inadequate and that Azusa violated open meeting laws in approving the plan.

The Vulcan Materials Azusa Rock Quarry mining plan exchanges 80 acres of mining rights on the east side of the property for 80 acres of mining rights on the west side. The company has a permit to mine 190 acres of its land adjacent to Fish Canyon.

The plan includes environmental incentives, including a new technique that promises to reshape the hillsides post-mining in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. It also included added tax revenues for Azusa.