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Joliet Approves Vulcan Rezoning Request

In Joliet, Ill., city council approved a rezoning request by Vulcan Materials. The expansion will allow quarry operations to continue for another five to seven years, according to city officials.

According to Vulcan, the 10-acre site is on a larger parcel, which is segregated from the surrounding area by screens and land berms. This isolates it from surrounding residences and a school.

The expansion will allow mining to continue at the site, which has operated since 1994; and secure employment for about 20 employees.

The expansion of the quarry continues restrictions that were imposed on the company in 1994, including no blasting within 500 ft. of a school building, during school hours, on non-school days before 1 pm. or after 5 pm., or on holidays. There is to be no mining within 200 ft. of any road and truck tires must be cleaned before trucks enter community roads.

The city has received more than $1.7 million – $50,000 annually – as part of the annexation deal that allowed Vulcan to start operating in 1994, according to the Chicago Tribune.