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Water Act Jurisdiction

The Scope Will Be Further Confused Under Recently Proposed EPA Guidance.

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MSHA’s Demand for Documents

Is the Agency’s Interpretation of Some Cases Broader Than it Should Be?

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Distracted Driving as an Occupational Hazard

Stricter Enforcement Coming up the Road.
By Adele Abrams

Most people are, by now, aware that the new technology that allows us to be “connected” wherever we are has perils when it is used behind the wheel. Cell phone conversations, as well as texting or reviewing emails, while driving have caused many fatalities and deaths and are now subject to legal constraints in many states that require “hands-free” calls and impose zero tolerance for text/emailing by drivers. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupational motor vehicle fatalities are the leading cause of occupational death in the United States. Moreover, occupational drivers are over-represented in crashes when compared with non-occupational drivers.

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