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The Quarry Bowl

By Mark S. Kuhar

It is the season for college football Bowl Games. You have likely heard of everything from the Rose Bowl to the Poulan Weedeater Bowl. But have you heard of the Quarry Bowl?

According to Jim Linsdau, who writes for the local Placer Herald, if you live near Rocklin, Calif., and follow high school football, there is nothing bigger.

“When Whitney High School came into existence it understood the natural rivalry that would exist between it and Rocklin High School,” Linsdau told Rock Products.

“Once Whitney's football program reached the point it could compete with Rocklin they began working on the Quarry Bowl idea.”

Rocklin High resisted for a while because they felt they had nothing to gain from such an idea. Whitney was the new program and had everything to gain.

“I'm not sure how the name Quarry Bowl was established but the first game was played at Rocklin in 2010,” Linsdau said. “The Rocklin Thunder won big in the first game, the Whitney Wildcats took the second and Rocklin won this year 6-0. The trophy is a large granite slab provided by Rukhala Monument Co. The winning school gets to keep it for the remainder of the year until the next game.”

According to the Linsdau, the game is extremely popular and sells out each year within hours. “Personally, I have never seen so many people at a high school football game as I have at that one. It's quite a spectacle,” he said.

According to the Placer Herald, backup quarterback Logan Webb came through in a big way to help give his team a 6-0 victory over the Wildcats. “He did a great job,” Thunder head coach Greg Benzel said. Rocklin’s winning score came on a 17-yard Webb to Spencer Gregg pass. Webb also picked up a huge first down in the fourth quarter that virtually sealed Whitney’s fate.

On a fourth-and-two from the Thunder’s 25-yard line, Webb made good on his word that he could make the first down. Benzel said the coaches had already made the decision to punt when Webb assured Benzel he could do it.

After the game, Wildcats’ running back Sutter Choisser received the Quarry Bowl sportsmanship trophy for 2012. Choisser’s 18-yard run was the longest rush of the game.