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Glow in the Dark Rocks

By Mark S. Kuhar

Have you ever thought about making an aggregates product that glows in the dark? Think of the possibilities. Roads with glowing berms; driveways that light up at night; sidewalks lit up like a Christmas tree.

Well, it isn’t made from virgin limestone, but Ambient Glow Technology (AGT) products from Universal One Corp., Toronto, do achieve that elusive quality of luminescence. The company’s glow-in-the-dark aggregate is indeed something different to behold.

AGT is a high-performance, non-toxic, photoluminescent aggregate specially formulated and manufactured for the decorative concrete, cement, terrazzo, stucco and floor epoxy trades.

AGT is produced in 3 different meshes of sand, 1/4-in. stone and 1/2 -in. stone. It can be applied by various methods ranging from hand-broadcasting and GFRC to integral finish-coat batch mixing. It’s ease of application does not add to labor costs or training time.

Here are the answers to a few questions you might be asking yourself right now:

What is the life span of AGT?
AGT will continue to function in a cementitious or resin-epoxy matrix for 15-plus years.

Is AGT toxic?
AGT is a non-toxic, non-radioactive photoluminescent aggregate.

How can I integrate the AGT into my design/build?
AGT can be integrated into any type of design or structure which utilizes cement, concrete, stucco, epoxy or resins.

What colors are available?
The high performance AGT line of photoluminous sands and stone are available in three different pigment colors: Green/Yellow, Aqua Blue and Royal Blue.

What color is the AGT during the day?
AGT aggregate is off-white/light yellow in color allowing it to blend seamlessly into surfaces.

What types of surfaces can the AGT aggregate be used for?
AGT can be used as a unique design element and/or a functioning, renewable ambient light source for ANY type of application ranging but not limited to:

  • Exterior: exterior support walls, patio decks, stairs, pathways, outdoor tables, benches, 3D sculptures and patio stones are just some of the possible applications.
  • Interior: floors, emergency egresses, walls, kitchen counters, bar tops, tables, bathroom vanities and more.

Can the AGT aggregate be used to create shapes or logos?
Yes. AGT can be easily utilized to form shapes or logos using the same process used by terrazzo and epoxy professionals.

Can AGT be utilized as an effective marker?
AGT’s high-performance luminosity makes it suitable for marking emergency egress routes, pedestrian and vehicle traffic direction, etc.

AGT can be purchased online by the pound. Projects requiring large quantities can be arranged by contacting Ambient Glow Technology directly via telephone at 877-248-8641 (toll free) or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can learn more at