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After Work, You Can Play!

By Mark S. Kuhar

There’s a new video game in town and it features, well, rocks! ATLUS dropped a quarry's worth of new assets and information for the upcoming Rock of Ages, a game of tower offense featuring fast-paced strategy, high art, and gigantic boulders of doom.

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Down in the Flood

By Mark S. Kuhar

“Well it’s sugar for sugar and salt for salt, if you go down in the flood it’s gonna be your fault.” – Bob Dylan

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Becoming a Young Leader

By Josephine Smith

I had the opportunity to attend the recent NSSGA Young Leaders Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The YL meeting is a way for the younger generation (age 40 and below) to develop leadership and management skills, build a national network of industry professionals and to discuss and address industry topics.

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GPS Grid Threatened

By Mark S. Kuhar

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) is calling on Congress, Transportation Secretary LaHood and the Federal Communications Commission to stop the threat in the U.S. to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) posed by LightSquared, the company planning to deploy a nationwide broadband internet infrastructure of 40,000 ground stations.

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Rocks, and Rock and Roll

Quarries, rocks, stones and gravel – and rock and roll – just seem to go together. It was an early indication that something was up when John Lennon named his first band The Quarrymen. The Quarrymen took their name from a line in the school song of Quarry Bank High School, which Lennon and most of the other original group members attended.  Now what was the name of that other band he was in? I can’t quite recall.

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