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What Makes River Rock Round?

Abrasion makes a rock roundFor centuries, geologists have recognized that the rocks that line riverbeds tend to be smaller and rounder further downstream. But these experts have not agreed on the reason these patterns exist. Abrasion causes rocks to grind down and become rounder as they are transported down the river. Does this grinding reduce the size of rocks significantly, or is it that smaller rocks are simply more easily transported downstream?

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Where Did That Rock Come From?

According to, after a decade of exploring the Martian surface, the scientists overseeing the rover Opportunity thought they’d seen it all. That was until a rock mysteriously appeared a few feet in front of the six-wheeled rover.

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Reporting from the Field

By Mark S. Kuhar

At Rock Products, I believe in reporting from the field, not from behind a desk.

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Frankly Speaking

I have been covering the aggregates industry for the better part of the past 25 years, and over the lion’s share of that time period, there has always been one thing you could totally count on: Frank Cargould.

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John Deere Challenges Andes Mountains

By Mark S. Kuhar

This past May, engineers from John Deere traveled to the Atacama Desert Region of Northern Chile to test the performance of the 460E Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) at high altitude. The mountains of Chile are filled with active mining sites that need the hauling capacity of the 460E ADT. Engineers worked to ensure the truck would perform reliably at this extreme altitude as well as exceed customers’ expectations in the rugged mountains.

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