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From Quarry to Mountain Bike Park

Transit Mix, a subsidiary of Chicago-based Continental Materials, is hoping to turn a Colorado Springs, Colo., quarry where it plans to discontinue operations into a world-class mountain bike park.

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Oldest Footprints in North America Found in Rock

Based on modern estimates, an active human will take more than 224,000,000 steps over a lifespan of 65 years based on an average of 9,448 steps per day. Most footprints that result from these steps are ephemeral, poorly defined and disappear quickly. In some cases, a distinct cast of the foot is left in soft sediments, preserving a representation of the foot and motion of the individual in solid rock.

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A Concrete Solution

Insight Into Cement’s Microscopic Properties May Lead to Stronger, More Sustainable Concrete.

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Drone Sweet Drone

Drones are becoming a way of life for aggregates producers, construction-materials companies and construction contractors. One company that uses drones in many of its operations is Graniterock.

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Art of Stone

Maybe You Can’t Get Blood From a Stone, But You Can Certainly Get Art.

By Mark S. Kuhar

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