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Profit From Your Scrap

64 ConveyorBelts 400Do you have a lot of scrap piling up at your plant? Old conveyer belting? Rusted sections of conveyer? Used tires. Piles of old idlers and screen decks? Poly pipe?

EZA Recycling Solutions wants to take it all off your hands. And pay you for it.

“I started the company when I was 20 years old, with capital I earned from recycling metal, working three jobs and selling cars,” said owner and founder Ezekiel Setne.

Because Setne was 20 when he started the company he couldn’t get a business loan even though he had good credit. “They just don’t give out loans to 20 year olds,” he said. “So I had to earn my own capital. And since I didn’t have rich parents that meant doing a lot of work. I took a paid internship, worked two additional jobs, restored and resold cars, recycled whatever I could find for cash, and finally I sold my car. All to fund our first load of material we purchased. Which we paid for upfront.”

64 JunkYard 400

64 PolyPipe 400

Since then the business has grown significantly. “We’re a wholly owned small business that pays mining operations to recycle their waste,” he said. “We are a cleanup contractor, and recycling wholesaler. At this point we are the only company in the United States that will not only come to a mine site and clean up rubber, plastic, metal, junk equipment, etc. but we also pay the mine sites for the material we clean up. We have never, in the history of this company, or in my lifetime, charged any of our customers for anything. We have never written an invoice to a customer. “

Setne is making it worthwhile for mines to recycle their waste and clean up the environment. “We are giving them incentives to recycle, and it’s working,” he said. “Because we’re making sure that not only do they not have to lift a finger, they can also get paid to not lift a finger. We clean up active mines, decommissioned mines, large mines, small mines, abandoned mines, etc. Our specialty is cleaning up used conveyor belt and paying for it.”

EZA Recycling Solutions also provides free small and large scale demolition services for metal structures. In addition, they can provide full container service to handle maintenance and other metal waste streams.

The company currently works with companies such as Vulcan Materials, Martin Marietta, Hanson Aggregates, Trinity Materials, Ash Grove Concrete, Dolese Bros., Oldcastle, Cemex, and others.

“We are fully insured and MSHA certified,” he said. “And we have no accidents on record in the history of the company.”

For more information, contact EZA Recycling Solutions LLC, located in Denton, Texas, at 940-218-1166, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or visit their website at