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Taking the Quantum Leap

Quarry operations these days are really taking the quantum leap. Our cover story this month (see page 24) details a very interesting development at Duff Quarry in Huntsville, Ohio, where a fourth-generation of the Duff family has not only taken over, but taken control of the quarry’s operations and production using Apple’s iPad technology.

Yes, an iPad. When the first iPad hit the consumer market, it was received with interest, but also viewed by many as a novelty technology. However, its ease of use and portability quickly made it a must-have device for technophiles, and it soon spawned imitators from other companies.

I doubt Apple foresaw the iPad’s niche use as an operations device in the construction-materials industry. But it has become an integral part of Duff Quarry’s daily operations, driving efficiency and serving as a powerful production tool.

In another very interesting development, Santa Rosa, Calif.-based BoDean Co.’s Mark West Quarry has become the first in the world to be 100 percent reliant on solar power.

The Mark West Quarry photovoltaic system will be capable of generating 1,165,000 kilowatt hours of green energy per year.  The electricity produced by the solar panels will offset the release of 18,440,521 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, which is enough energy to power 160 typical American homes for a full year.

According to the quarry, it is the right thing to do. “It takes a tremendous amount of energy to crush, screen, wash and convey the rock product we produce each day,” said the company’s Bill Williams. “Most of America’s electrical need is met by burning fossil fuels. By using the sun’s rays we are using a sustainable source that is clean. We as a company are committed to sustainability and eco-efficiency.”

You can read more about the company’s move to solar on page 36, and more about the company and its operations in next month’s Rock Products, where we continue to bring you the cutting edge of aggregates-processing equipment and technology.

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