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Unspeakable Tragedy

When the news came, it was unexpected as it was unwelcomed. A source was calling on the phone to tell me there had been a shooting at a Lehigh Hanson quarry in California. My worst fears were confirmed when I went to CNN’s website, and there it was as breaking news, in garish type at the top of the site.

By now, the statistics are widely known: Three people killed and six wounded. A seventh victim, from an attempted carjacking after the incident, was also admitted to a hospital. And the man who pulled the trigger? Dead as well. He killed himself during a shootout with sheriff’s deputies.

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This is Like Pulling Teeth

My father was a dentist, so I know a little bit about pulling teeth. And I can tell you, getting adequate funding for transportation and infrastructure projects through Congress has been like a fight to the finish with a mandibular lateral incisor.

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The Frac Sand Explosion

There is quite a bit of industry buzz right now about “frac sand,” also known as proppant. The product is used in hydraulic fracturing, a process by which frac sand is combined with a viscous gel and forced down oil and gas wells at high pressure to prop open the fractures. Depending on the rock bed that is to be fractured, different pressures are used which form different size fractures. It is in these fractures in the rock bed that frac sand is used.

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Keep Highways at Federal Level

Well, here they go again. Once again the idea of turning over the nation’s surface-transportation program to the states has reared its ugly head.

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The 30-Percent Reduction Charade

NSSGA tells us that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee may unveil its version of the long-awaited surface transportation reauthorization bill the week of the Fourth of July. While the details of the bill are unknown, insiders have told NSSGA to expect reforms to the program, including: program consolidation, expedited project delivery time, enhanced use of the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program, increased tolling and more public-private partnerships.

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