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NIMBY Gets Personal

Over the many years I have covered the aggregates industry, I have written about the Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) movement on numerous occasions. While I have written about how NIMBY groups challenge aggregates operations and how to deal with that, I have never personally experienced a NIMBY group in action.

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Dust in the Wind

Crystalline silica exposure has been a workplace health concern in some industries for a long time. No one is debating the seriousness of the health hazards associated with over-exposure to crystalline silica.

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A Year of Expanding Possibilities

This is our AGG1 show issue, and it kicks off what can only be described as a year of expanding possibilities for aggregates producers.

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One Bad Apple

Aggregates producers are largely hard working, honest and follow the letter of the law. When it comes to MSHA inspections, no one likes the scrutiny, but being professionals, operations deal with it.

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